ModoBuddy is a motorcycle app that allows riders to connect with one another from anywhere in the world. Meet riders and make friends from the comfort of your mobile device anywhere. Your next friend is truly a ride away.

Customize your profile

Locate other riders

Connect with Friends

Chat with Friends

Innovative Features

Setup group rides

Stay Connected

Never miss another nice day of riding

Get notified

Stay up-to-date by turning on notifications

Fast install

Download and start meeting riders instantly

Fully Responsive

Works on all IOS devices

Are you connected?

Finding rider partners can be challenging.

With so many different avenues to connect with motorcycle enthusiast its hard to find everyone in one place. Modobuddy does the heavy lifting for you. Now you can pop in and out of chat rooms, check to see where your friends are at, post questions about bike related topics to people all over the worldm and much much more.

Dont limit yourself to your inner circle. Use Modobuddy to help spread your influence across the world and bring the motorcycle community even closer.



Behind the App

Brandon Nsekpong
Brandon Nsekpong

Brandon Nsekpong

Founder / App Developer

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